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handmade fabric hens

fabric hen These decorative hens are sewn out of a piece of natural fabric, with embroidered or appliquéed wings.

Print the pattern on a piece of thin paperboard. Cut out the pieces, then trace them onto your fabric. Cut out the fabric pieces and sew one side of the hen to the base piece, then the other side. Leave a space in your seam to be able to turn the hen right side out. For a whimsical touch, you can make a comb for the hen's head out of a piece of lace or ribbon.

Stitch the eyes with a French knot. Stuff the body with wool or kapok then close the seam with an invisible stitch. Make the wings out of patterned fabric. Iron the wing edges to facilitate appliquéing. You can embroider a border around each wing using colored yarn.

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fabric hen pattern fabric hen detail

April 2007 [sewing]
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