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drum ottoman

washing drum ottoman Washing machines have a large, stainless steel drum inside which can be easily transformed thanks to the eyelets around its rim. You can add some wheels and build a lid to close the drum. With its smooth, pleasant texture, the brushed stainless steel provides a modern medium that is strong yet light-weight.

washing machine drum recycling washing drum The main challenge to dislodging the drum is sawing the motor's rotation axis. If you are using a disk saw, it will take only a few seconds. With a hand metal saw, it will take much longer. However, this is the recommended method for the inexperienced. When you have finished sawing, "break" the metal with a quick tap of a hammer.

Once the axis is sawed, bolt wheels securely onto the eyelets. You can use the lid from a large can of paint (11 in. / 28 cm in diameter) as the base for a hand-made seat cushion. Any other sturdy disk of cardboard or wood can also serve this purpose.

drum pouffe cover sewing pouffe cover Lay a piece of fabric over the drum and mark the circumference. You will need two pieces of fabric of this diameter for the cushion top and bottom, as well as a 10 cm wide strip for the side section, or welt. Machine-sew your cushion, leaving an opening. Using a gimlet or a punch, drill about ten holes in the seat base, then sew it like a button to the cushion's bottom. Add stuffing and close the seam.

pouffe upside wheeled drum foot

This drum ottoman can be used as a toy chest in a child's bedroom, or to store blankets and cushions in the living room. You can also use it in the bathroom as a comfortable, crafty clothes hamper. There are countless ways to reuse this washing machine drum!

Visit the following websites to see how a designer has recycled a washing machine drum to make a floor lamp/table.

September 2007 [recycling crafts]
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