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tetrapak coin purse

soup tetrapak wallet "Tetra Pak" or similar cartons used to package beverages and soup can be turned into fun coin purses, wallets or even card holders.

making tetrapak coin purse Choose a carton with attractive colors and graphics and/or photos.

Rinse it out, and then dry. Unfold the corners and flatten the carton. Cut off the top and bottom portions with a box cutter, and then fold the carton in half (you can score the fold with your box cutter if necessary). Cut off one third of one of the "half-sides" to make the flap. Now re-fold the carton in three. Staple or tape the inside edges to make the pockets.

You can decorate the outside edges with colored tape or even embroider them. Add two pieces of self-adhesive Velcro to close the purse, remembering to allow for coin thickness. For the finishing touch, adorn with a bead or button.

To view all sorts of coin purses made out of beverage cartons, with an animated demonstration to boot, go to:
berlingot.ch (site in French only).

recycled coin purse

December 2007 [recycling crafts]
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