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keyboard jewelry

keyboard key necklace Old keyboards can be made into small decorative objects, such as beads or magnets. Saw, pierce and glue the plastic and there you have it! As if by magic, bland plastic letters become adorable rings, necklaces and more.

Turn the keyboard upside down and remove the small screws. Remove the bottom. Use a screwdriver to push out each key. If they are dingy, soak them in water with a few drops of dish soap. Let dry on a towel.

recycling keyboard keys Spell out names or words with the different letters. Use your imagination! Try giving a new twist to symbols or words, such as @, Power, Lock... Cut the clips off the keys with a small saw, like a hacksaw.

To make the LOVE necklace: Pierce holes in the sides of the keys with a large sharp needle, so you can string them together. Gently sand the edges of the holes with sandpaper. Plastic tends to get fuzzy when sanded. You should also sand the part of the key that will be rubbing against the skin.

In between the keys, string other beads to match the color of the letters (gray or black). Keep them in place with crimp beads. Add a clasp, and your necklace is ready!

To make the rings: Once you have cut off the clips behind the keys, apply glue to both the metal ring and the plastic key. Press and let dry. You can also decorate your ring with tiny stickers, glitter, sequins...
Do you have several old keyboards... and do you like Scrabble? Make your own! Don't bother to saw off the clips. Throw all the letters in a drawstring bag. You can also use keys to make magnets for the office or kitchen.

keyboard rings keyboard Scrabble

June 2008 [recycling crafts]
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