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plastic bottle cap magnets

plastic bottle cap magnets The fridge may be empty, but it will never look bare dressed in these smiling bottle cap magnets. Glue, wiggly eyes and round magnets turn plastic bottle caps into winking, smiling, grimacing faces. This cult recycling craft will also help you keep your grocery list - or library hours, doctor's appointments - right under your nose.

magnet how-to's
Save caps in a variety of sizes and colors. Cleanse in warm water with a little dishwashing liquid. Erase best-before dates with some environmentally friendly solvent*. You will also need round magnets and googly eyes.

Turn your plastic cap over and place a magnet inside. Then place a cork on top of the magnet. Mark the point where the cork is level with the edge of the plastic cap. This is where you should cut the cork, using a thin metal cutting saw.

Glue the cork to the back of the cap with heavy-duty glue, and then glue the magnet to the cork. Press firmly and let dry at least 30 minutes.

To decorate the magnets, stick on wiggly eyes and draw mouths with a marker for a family of smileys. Or you can go with a more feminine décor and draw flowers, stick on stickers, glue on beads, and so on.

smiley bottlecap magnet * eco-friendly solvents remove graffiti and are a substitute for white spirit. They can generally be found in hardware stores, in the paint thinner aisle.

Nontoxic heavy-duty glue : pristineplanet.com
wiggly eyes : discountschoolsupply.com

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October 2008 [recycling crafts]
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