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creative notepads

pocket-size notepads Don't know what to do with leftover notebook pages, some pretty sheets of colored paper or even some scrap paper with only one blank side? These little pads always come in handy, for phone numbers, address books, travel diaries, or gifts.

All you need is a hole punch and two paper fasteners for the cover. Use a craft knife to cut out the pages of your new notepad. For the front and back cover, choose thick paper or cardboard that has some interesting texture - food packaging, Tetra Pak cartons, photos are all good sources. A flexible material is best, otherwise, your notepad will be very stiff.

notepad paper fastener notepad hole puncher Punch holes in all the sheets and assemble them with the paper fasteners. Thread a string through the holes first, if you want to be able to tie on a pen or charm. Flatten the back of the fasteners with a hammer to make sure they stay put. And so the cover will fold back nicely, use the craft knife to score two parallel lines in the cover, without cutting through it, all along to the binding.

May 2007 [pretty things]
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