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coiled paper basket

coiled paper basket Magazines can be recycled into coiled paper baskets that are reminiscent of wood's concentric rings or turned wood. Using a magazine and 1 pint of rice glue, you can make a fruit bowl, a pencil holder or a basket for trinkets.

To make a fruit bowl, you will need a magazine with medium-thick paper. Cut vertical strips about 1 inch wide. Make 1 pint of rice glue or use white glue slightly thinned with water.

coiling gluing strips of paper With a paintbrush, coat one strip of paper with glue. To make strips thicker, glue a second strip over the first one. Apply another coat of glue and fold the strip into thirds. Add a final coat of glue and roll into a coil. This "core" will form the center of your bowl.

Repeat the process with additional strips of paper, wrapping them successively around the initial core. The circle will gradually get bigger. Once you have formed a coiled paper base, line a salad bowl or other object with parchment paper (to avoid sticking). Place your coiled base on the bowl, and continue gluing strips to make the sides of your basket. If necessary, pull the strips taut before they dry. Set to dry on a radiator or in the sun.

paper strips bowl paper strips basket You can vary the shape of your baskets by coiling the first strip of paper around a rectangular or oval piece of cardboard. To make a pencil holder, "stack" the strips around a base to form a closed cylinder.

January 2008 [pretty things]
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