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clay paint

clay paint introduction Clay is an ecological material that has always been used in building, to make bricks, mortar and paint. This is an easy clay paint recipe. You can buy clay powder, or gather clay from natural deposits beside a river or a pond. Clay is sticky and heavy when wet, and very hard when it dries. To identify clay soil, look for the plants that thrive in it, such as buttercups, daisies, bindweed or reed grass.

argil washing rough clay Put the clay in a bucket and add a little water. Mix energetically and then filter out twigs, roots and gravel using a colander. Let the cleansed clay sit overnight. The next day, bail out the water on the surface. You will have a thick mud-like substance that will be used to make the paint.

clay paint doses To make the paint, various ingredients will be mixed with the clay. flour glue will ensure effective adherence to the painted surface. Chalk powder* diluted in a little water will increased the paint's coverage. A little linseed oil will make the blend easier to work with. Lastly, a little white vinegar is an effective antibacterial agent. For one part of clay "mud", add 1/3 part flour glue, ¼ part diluted chalk powder, 1/8 part linseed oil and 1/8 part white vinegar. Mix all the ingredients.

colored argil paint clay paint The clay paint can be colored using an all-purpose dye, natural pigment, or other colorant. However, to preserve the natural look and even consistency of this paint, do not exceed a dye content of 5%.

clay paint detail To cover old paint jobs, slightly sand and remove dust. Fill in cracks if necessary. Apply one or two layers of the clay paint, waiting 12 hours in-between coats. The number of layers of paint depends on the desired effect. This paint has good coverage. If you are painting over earth plaster, rammed earth or any other highly absorbent material, thin the paint with 10% water for the first coat. Clay paint contributes to a healthy environment and regulates humidity so your room can breathe.

Visit the following web site where you will find a lot of informations about eco-building methods.

* Chalk Powder: Finely ground natural chalk. It can be found in the cement section of home improvement or pool supply retailers in 3 or 10 lb packages. Also used to clean marble or silver. Price: approx. $1/lb.

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