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tree branch lamp

tree branch lamp With some lighting hardware, a lamp shade and a nice branch, this is what you can make. A tree lamp that complements any decor and can be adorned with any finish you choose.

Cut out a 9 cm (3½ in.) -diameter circle from a wooden board. Here, thin circles of wood from goat cheese packaging were glued together to obtain a certain thickness. Drill a hole in the center of this base using a gimlet or 3 mm drill bit for wood. Then, drilling vertically in the bottom end of the branch, make a 2 mm-diameter hole - the depth of the hole will depend on the length of the screw you are going to use.

In the top end of the branch, make a hole with a 6 mm-diameter wood drill bit. The depth of the hole will depend on the length of the threaded lamp rod of the lamp kit, usually 1½ to 2 cm. Then, still using the wood drill bit, drill another hole horizontally to intersect with the vertical hole about 1½ or 2 cm down from the top of the branch. The end result will be an elbow-shaped hole. The electrical cord will be threaded through this hole.

When assembling the socket, apply your basic safety rules: ensure that the cord is unplugged and work in a quiet, orderly setting. Unscrew the socket and remove the harp that holds the lamp shade in place. If the electrical cord is connected to the socket, loosen the small terminal screws and remove the cord wires.

Thread the top of the electrical through the elbow-shaped hole, letting the bare wires stick out. Assemble the threaded rod, socket cap, socket and harp parts and rescrew each bare wire back into place. Take care to assemble the lamp parts correctly and securely. After putting some wood glue into the vertical hole at the top of the branch, insert the threaded rod firmly and deeply. The socket assembly is in place.

The electrical cord should be attached to the length of the branch. The easiest solution is to cover the cord with cotton bias tape, stapling the tape into the wood on each side of the cord. Then, screw the foot of the branch to the round base you made.

tree branch lamp detail To camouflage the electrical cord, you can apply a crude coating using a painter's knife. This technique naturally enhances the texture of the branch. Treat the lamp base like a sculpture of nature. You can use any finish you choose: natural pigments, tinted wax, paint, or a gold patina like the one in the picture, for a hippie yet chic look.

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tree branch lamp plan

February 2007 [handmade gifts]
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