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seashell mobile

mobile coquillages Hanging seashells chime together with every gentle breeze, making a soft, soothing music. This mobile showcases the subtle, pearly hues of your seaside souvenirs from the seaside.

With a brush, wash different-shaped shells that you have gathered on one - or several - beaches. Make a circle with a piece of wire. Cover the wire with yarn, pulling the needle through each loop around the wire, as though casting stitches.

needle Tie three threads to the circle, tying the ends together in a loop that you will use to hang the mobile. Tie five other pieces of cotton thread to hang about one ft (30 cm) below the circle.

To make holes in the shells without breaking them, place them on a folded dishtowel. start Start a hole in the mother-of-pearl side using a thick, very sharp needle. Position the point and strike the end of the needle lightly with a small hammer. You should be able to feel the indentation with your fingertip. Place a sharp screw (a chipboard screw, for example) into the hole and gently turn. The hole will widen without breaking the shell. Practice on a broken or unwanted shell first.

mobile bead detail Once you have made holes in all the shells (about 20 should be enough), thread them evenly onto the five pieces of string. Intersperse with clear or wooden beads to decorate the mobile.

August 2008 [handmade gifts]
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