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rice glue

In Asia, rice glue is a well-known product. This extremely resistant adhesive can be used to glue all types of paper. It is used in traditional bookbinding and luxury cardboard products: papers bonded with rice glue are considered tear-proof. Though white when moist, rice glue becomes transparent as it dries.
rice glue rice glue pot In 1/3 liter (1 1/3 cups) of water, cook 7 oz of rice or rice flour* over low heat. You can also use leftover rice that has already been cooked. When the rice is overcooked, the starch it naturally contains will dilute in the water. The liquid thickens and whitens. Add a little water if necessary and reheat the mix.

Filter the glue and let it cool. You can save the overcooked rice to make more glue at a later date. Store the glue in a cool environment in a well-sealed container, such as a jelly jar, and it will last one week or longer. Shake before using. You can protect collages or drawings with a coat of this glue.

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Another rice-based glue, known as "rice paste", is used in the traditional Japanese art of Katagami.

* Rice flour can be found in food stores. Powdered laundry starch can also be used.

August 2007 [green DIY]
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