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earthy shelves

tree shelf introduction Here's an earthy set of shelves that will look clean and fresh in your bathroom or kitchen. It can be a spice rack, a plant holder, a display shelf for pretty objects or a useful shelf to hold toiletries.

tree branchs & shelves Saw two 19 x 24 cm (7½ x 9½ in.) pieces of untreated wood. Sand them until they are smooth. Using a miter box and a back saw, cut branches (about 3 cm in diameter) into 6 cm (2 2/5 in.) and 24 cm (9½ in.) length pieces. Each upright in the set of shelves should be made from one branch. The slightly irregular shape of the branches highlights the natural aspect of the shelves.

shelf legs On the bottom shelf, position the four legs and outline them with a pencil. Draw a cross inside each outlined shape. With a wood drill, drill a hole right through the shelf. This set of shelves will be completely assembled using wood dowels - a dowel will be inserted into the hole on each side of the board, to which the legs and uprights will be joined.

tree branch shelves detail tree shelf detail Once the shelves have been assembled in this way, let the glue dry. Then make the railing from small hazelnut branches, bamboo, or, for a marine look, some natural rope knotted around the upright branches.

tree shelves plan

April 2007 [furniture-instructions]
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