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ottoman or side table?

Why choose? Ottoman or side table, you can have both. These lightweight, one foot-tall daisies, with their edgy recycled finish, will be at home anywhere, and are even equipped with a handle to carry them from one room to another. Both sturdy and decorative, they are simply made from taped cardboard tubes. making a side table
Where can I get cardboard tubes? Many businesses use cardboard bobbins and tubes: fabric stores, carpet sellers, printers... Not to mention manufacturers of packaging materials or mail-order stores. The ottomans (or tables, if you will) are made from a long tube of 6 mm thick cardboard, with a diameter of 4 in (10 cm). The shape of your "daisy" will depend on the size of the tubes you use.

pouf tube carton Cut your cardboard tube into 7 pieces 1 ft (30 cm) long. Work with the cardboard as you would with wood: saw with a handsaw, holding the tube down on a work table or a miter box. Assemble the tube sections together using heavy-duty adhesive tape applied at both ends of the cylinders, pressing from inside the tubes so that the tape adheres well.

Outline the daisy shape onto a sturdy piece of cardboard, and cut it out with a craft knife or box cutter. This will be the top of the ottoman. The cardboard you use should be strong enough to keep its shape (at least two corrugated layers). Repeat for the bottom. Before you attach these pieces, punch two holes in one of the tubes and thread some thick string through them to make a handle. Then tape the daisy-shaped top and bottom to the ottoman with masking tape.

Cover the sides with strips of paper cut or torn from magazines. Select the best colors, alternating them, make artistic shredded effects. Use rice glue for this collage: about one liter is enough for three ottomans. The rice glue stores well, dries quickly, is inexpensive, and keeps the paper nice and flat. Even before drying, the paper is hardly wrinkled. decorating paper stripes
Once the paper has dried, add another cardboard daisy on top to make the "seat cushion". You can use plain or colored cardboard. If you wish to use your ottomans outdoors, on the patio or in your yard, you should protect them with two coats of organic varnish.

April 2008 [furniture-instructions]
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