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cardboard doll house

cardboard doll house Here's a fabulous recycled cardboard house that warmly welcomes toys of all makes and models - figurines, animals, stray characters - for an afternoon of let's pretend. Scrap wallpaper makes for a beautiful decor, and paper fasteners hold the walls sturdily together. With the pattern and measurements indicated below, building this house is child's play. Of course, mom or dad will do the cutting.

doll house floors Start with one large piece of stiff, clean, corrugated cardboard, or unfold a suitable cardboard box and make sure that the folds in the cardboard coincide with the edges of the playhouse. If you don't have a big enough piece of cardboard, you can also attach smaller pieces together with paper fasteners. Trace the outer house patterns onto the cardboard, following the measurements indicated below (scale 1:1). Cut out with a craft knife. Where a dotted line is indicated on the pattern, make a light cut with the knife, and use a ruler to fold the cardboard neatly.

Paste different pieces of wallpaper to the walls and on the floors. Mix and match patterns for lots of color and visual interest. Lay flat to dry, under a weight. With a craft knife, trace and cut out windows and doors. To trace the rounded corners, use the handle pattern provided. Trace and cut out notches to insert the shelves.

doll house folded Use a large needle to punch holes through the cardboard tabs along the back of the house and the roof. Punch matching holes in the adjoining pieces of cardboard and assemble with the paper fasteners. Then, insert the shelves. The house is finished! Make the house portable by simply fastening the handles with paper fasteners as well.

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playhouse plan dollhouse wallpaper

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