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Well designed and made with cardboard, these eco-friendly playhouses are so cute!

Looking for something lost? Martine Camillieri offers a poetic Prévert like inventory of lost items, as she found them or placed in view by a well-meaning hand. objets-perdus.net

Annie Leonard has questions about the story of things around us. Her movie shows the life cycle of everyday objects. storyofstuff.com

knit plastic tote

knit plastic tote Reuse plastic bags by recycling them into an electric-colored tote for toiletries. Cut into strips and then knitted or crocheted, these recycled bags cast a brand new light on the art of needlework.
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seashell mobile

seashell mobile Hanging seashells chime together with every gentle breeze, making a soft, soothing music. This mobile showcases the subtle, pearly hues of your seaside souvenirs from the seaside.
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burger soap dish

design soap dish Food packaging is a significant source of "raw" material for recycling crafts, and when you use it as a mold, your imagination is the only limit to what you can make. Here is a mortar soap dish made from a hamburger patty container.
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kitchen shelf

kitchen-shelf Wall shelves fit in nicely anywhere in your kitchen. You can organize them alone, side by side, or one on top of the other - they are always practical and decorative.
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staining wood

staining wood Wood can be enhanced by staining or darkening it. Wengé and chocolate tones are very trendy in interior design. Dark woods are the perfect complement to pure, simple lines and add the somber touch needed in light-colored rooms.
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